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What's Kshared.com?

Kshared is a free and secure cloud storage service that let's you share, store and manage your files, from anywhere around the world, on any device. Kshared based in Spain is considered one of the pioneers in secure online storage.

Kshared is your online storage space (your Internet Hard Drive), where you will be able to store, access, share and back up all of your files and data. You'll be able to store any file type and file size.

Kshared is the online storage storage company that offers storage for all your data. Our easy to use web Interface gives you instant access to all of the data stored on your account. That is: documents, files, photos, music, video, contacts information, favorite sites, and your daily tasks and events. Kshared offers many solutions for your data. Store your data online, and have a convenience of accessing it anytime-anywhere, protect it from computer crashes and viruses, and easily share your data with anybody.


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What are advantages of Kshared Premium.us?

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  • Unlimited Download Speed
  • 1TB cloud storage
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  • Upload up to 10GB sized files
  • Set passwords for shared links